Hann  Training

Heavy Vehicle Training and Licensing

Hann heavy vehicle training

Do you need a heavy vehicle licence?

Do you want to be able to pass an interview drive, not just have a licence?

Getting a licence is just a part of it. Being able to drive safely with confidence is the key to employment.

No employer wants the hassle of accidents and fines, let alone the "bad publicity" of a "cowboy".

We are able to offer DRIVER TRAINING and licencing that focuses on being able to drive to a standard that will get you home every day and also maintains the productivity required to keep the boss happy. I have associates who are like minded and together we can offer all classes of heavy vehicle licences and training. Even if you just need a refresher before an interview we are happy to help.

The vehicles are maintained to the highest level. They are modern and clean inside and out. All are air conditioned and comfortable.






Mining jobs

Metro Fire Service applications

Bus and Coach Driver

Tipper Driver 

Concrete Truck Driver

Council and Road worker requirements

These are only a few potential careers with this licence